Who can take Lovima?

Lovima 75 microgram film-coated tablets are indicated for oral contraception for women who:

  • are of child-bearing age
  • are not pregnant and in whom pregnancy can be ruled out with reasonable certainty (see 'who can't take Lovima' below).


When discussing contraception and Lovima with young women, consider your training on safeguarding and competency (see age and safeguarding section).

Who can't take Lovima and what circumstances require special consideration?

The Lovima carton is designed to act as a tool (an 'active pack') to give you the prompts you need to aid the consultation process. The carton provides a list of:

  • Contraindications ('DO NOT TAKE' section)
  • Situations in which further advice or referral to a doctor may be required
  • Recommendations to discuss the use of other medicines

The active pack lists the contraindications under the 'DO NOT TAKE' section

The warnings are listed under the 'Tell your pharmacist' section

The following sections describe the contraindications and warnings in more detail, when you should refer the patient to a doctor, and how to manage potential interactions with other drugs. More detailed information can be found in the Lovima SmPC.

In addition, a Lovima pharmacy consultation checklist is provided to act as a reminder and support the consultation process.


Lovima may not be suitable for everybody or may not be the preferred method of contraception. It is important that you make women aware of the options available to them, and refer them to a GP or a family planning clinic if they are interested in choosing a prescription-only contraceptive. 


Lovima 75 microgram film-coated tablets are contraindicated for a woman if the answer to any of the questions listed below is YES. In such cases, Lovima should not be supplied and the woman should be referred to her doctor.

If the answer to all the questions below is NO, then Lovima is not contraindicated, and you should check the 'when to refer' and 'drug interactions' sections to confirm whether the woman needs to visit her doctor before supplying Lovima.


1. Could she be pregnant?

2. Does she have thrombosis [blood clot]?

3. Has she ever had liver disease?

4. Does she have or suspect she has active cancer that grows under the influence of sex steroids, such as certain types of breast, uterine or ovarian cancer?

5. Does she have any undiagnosed vaginal bleeding?

6. Is she allergic to any of the ingredients, including peanut or soya?

Type of contraception What is it? How does it work?

Combined contraceptive pill

Hormone tablet taken once a day for 21 days with a 7 day break, to allow a 'period' Contains oestrogen and progestogen to prevent ovulation and stops sperm meeting an egg

Progestogen-only contraceptive pill


Hormone tablet taken every day for 28 days, without a break Thickens cervical mucus to stop sperm reaching an egg. Desogestrel prevents ovulation.