When it comes to contraception, we believe you should be in full control. The launch of Lovima means women can purchase this contraceptive pill online or from the pharmacy, by consulting with a pharmacist. You don’t need to make an appointment to see your doctor or visit a family planning clinic to get a prescription. With Lovima, you can feel confident and empowered to make a  choice for you and your body.

Lovima is a brand of oral contraceptive that contains desogestrel, a medication that was previously only available on prescription. What’s more, Lovima is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, provided that you take it correctly and at the same time each day from the start of your menstrual cycle.

Why choose Lovima?

Putting You In Charge

Lovima puts you in charge of your contraception choices. Following a consultation with a pharmacist, you can buy Lovima online or from your pharmacy. Choosing to switch to Lovima is simple and convenient, and you can be in full control every step of the way.

Easy Access

Lovima is available online and at your pharmacy, making it easy for you to access this contraceptive pill without a prescription. Whether you choose to buy online or in-store, a qualified pharmacist will take you through a consultation to ensure that Lovima is suitable for you.


With Lovima, there's no need to make an appointment to see your doctor, which means no more GP waiting rooms. Simply complete our six-question suitability consultation, and if Lovima is right for you, you can access this progestogen-only pill quickly and easily.

What is Lovima?

An effective female contraceptive pill, Lovima is available to buy without a prescription.

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Our Story

Lovima’s purpose is to help transform women’s lives by giving them a choice to buy a contraception pill in pharmacies without a prescription, after a consultation with a pharmacist.

The launch of Lovima is part of a revolution that has taken 60 years, since the launch of the first contraceptive pill in the UK in 1961.

Lovima Checklist

This form is for you to complete prior to your visit to the pharmacy so that you understand the questions that will be asked. Once completed this could be printed or added to your phone to take with you to help the conversation with your pharmacist.

About Contraception

Put simply, contraception is a way of preventing pregnancy. You might hear contraception called birth control, but it’s the same thing. Currently, there are 15 different contraceptive methods available in the UK. Most of these involve hormones and are available only on prescription.

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Lovima is available to purchase online and from participating pharmacies following a consultation with a qualified pharmacist.

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Lovima is part of the revolution to make it easier for you to access the contraception you need, when you need it. The first contraceptive pill was introduced to the UK in 1961 - and so much has changed since then. Fast forward to today and being able to buy Lovima means no more doctor appointments, no more waiting rooms and no more prescriptions. Instead, you can access this over-the-counter contraceptive pill online or from your pharmacy. So why not become part of this revolution? Browse our site or ask your pharmacist about Lovima today.