The roll-out of the pharmacy contraception service in England is a positive step forward for women’s health and will enable many women to access their contraception more easily.

However, many women lead extremely busy lives, and for some, the convenience of accessing their contraception over the counter outweighs the cost. In a study conducted by Maxwellia, 44% of women1 agreed they would be willing to pay to get daily contraception more quickly and easily. It’s about time.

You can help support and empower these women by recommending Lovima® or LoviOne® when they request the progesterone only pill, or emergency contraceptive pill in store. 


Lovima is an effective daily oral contraceptive pill containing desogestrel – the most widely prescribed active ingredient in a contraceptive pill2. It is 99% effective when take correctly3 and has been used by millions of women for almost 25 years4.

With Lovima there is no need for a blood pressure check, no record keeping required, and may be recommended following a short consultation using our innovative active pack. Learn more about Lovima and access to our comprehensive training materials.


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LoviOne is an effective emergency contraceptive pill containing levonorgestrel and is 99% effective when used within 24 hours of unprotected sex5.

With an RRP of £12.99, LoviOne offers the reassurance of a branded EHC at an accessible price point.

Learn more about LoviOne and refresh your knowledge with our training hub.


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Order Today 

Lovima and LoviOne are available to order from leading wholesalers including AAH and Alliance. Alternatively, contact The Miles Group to find out about ordering direct.


Point of Sale Request

If you would like to request LoviOne point of sale materials for your pharmacy, please email us [email protected].


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