Types of Contraception

In the UK, there are 15 types of contraception available.  Some of these methods need to be administered or fitted by a doctor or nurse, while others can be accessed via an online pharmacy or over the counter.

It’s important to choose a method of birth control that works for you - but with so many options, knowing which one to go for can be a challenge. Ultimately, you should feel confident that your choice of contraception works for you, your health and your lifestyle.


Choosing contraception that suits you

Since there are many contraception types to choose from, it helps to understand your options. Whether it’s knowing your intrauterine device (IUD) from your intrauterine system (IUS) , or understanding the differences between the contraceptive implant and the contraceptive patch, getting clued up on the different methods, how they work and how to use them effectively can all play a part in helping you make your decision.

It’s also important to understand that while all types of contraception work to prevent pregnancy, condoms are the only methods which also protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  


Your health

There may be certain health factors that impact which type of contraceptive is suitable for you. These can include your age, whether you smoke and any other medications you are taking. 

Your medical history can also help determine which methods of female contraception will or won’t be suitable for you. For example, if you can’t use birth control which contains oestrogen (such as the combined pill ) for medical reasons, you may need to consider using an alternative method - like the progestogen-only pill

Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle may sway your decision when it comes to choosing birth control. For instance, if you consider yourself to be a well-organised person with a regular daily routine, remembering to reapply the contraceptive patch or take the contraceptive pill might suit you best.


Finding contraception that works for you

You can find out more about the different methods of contraception right here.