If you've had unprotected sex and are considering taking the morning after pill, you'll want to know where you can get this type of emergency contraception.

Although you can access the morning after pill from your GP, there is also the option of buying it over the counter without the need to see your doctor in person . You can purchase LoviOne from participating pharmacies.

Simply call into your local pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist for information and advice.

You might be nervous about asking for the morning after pill but try not to let this put you off accessing emergency contraception. Even though it can feel a little embarrassing to discuss topics like this with a stranger, remember that pharmacists are there to help you, not to judge you. For them, it's simply part of the service they provide and something they deal with on a regular basis.

Always be aware that emergency contraception is more effective the sooner it is taken. This means it's important to take action early if you want to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.

The morning after pill without prescription

Because LoviOne is available over the counter, you don’t need a prescription in order to get it.

Whether you buy the morning after pill from a pharmacy in person or you decide to purchase it online, a pharmacist will run through a short consultation checklist with you to make sure it’s a suitable choice for you. For example, they’ll ask you if you’re taking any medications or have health conditions that could interact with this treatment.

They’ll also ask you when you had unprotected sex. This is because LoviOne has to be taken within three days (72 hours) of sex to be effective.

Putting you in control of your sexual health

As an over-the-counter morning after pill, LoviOne puts you in control of your sexual health. There is no need to book an appointment and it will not be added to your medical record.