Get Contraception Online

It’s common knowledge that you can access contraception from your GP - but did you know that you can also get certain types of contraception online?

It might be possible to get the contraception you need without having to see your doctor face-to-face.


Purchasing contraception online

When you purchase contraception online, there’s no need to book an appointment with your GP or spend time in waiting rooms. This is especially convenient if you struggle to find time in your busy schedule but you still want to prioritise your sexual health.


Online doctor sites

When you order a contraceptive pill from an online doctor, this is still classed as a prescription medicine. There is still the need for an online consultation process, and your request will need to be reviewed by a doctor or independent prescriber before being sent to you.

Depending on the type of contraceptive pill that you choose, you may also need to submit a recent blood pressure reading, in addition to personal information such as your height, weight and lifestyle choices.


Over-the-counter (OTC) contraception

With Lovima, it’s different. Lovima is classed as an ‘over-the-counter’ or OTC contraceptive. This means it has been through a medical reclassification process that means you no longer need a prescription from a GP to access it.

You will still be required to complete an online consultation, but a blood pressure check is not needed. This is because desogestrel, the active ingredient in Lovima, does not impact your blood pressure, and it may also be suitable for women who are overweight or smoke.


Buy Lovima online

If you’re looking for an effective, progestogen-only pill, you could choose Lovima. You can purchase the Lovima mini pill online at your own convenience in just a few minutes.

Find out more about how you can buy Lovima online.

Your online consultation

You’ll be asked to complete a short online questionnaire to make sure that Lovima is the right fit for you. This will only take a few minutes.


Our qualified pharmacists

Our qualified pharmacists will review your consultation to ensure that Lovima is suitable for you to use. We will get in touch if we need to ask you any further questions.


A convenient and discreet service

We offer a convenient, discreet service. You can have Lovima delivered straight to your door in subtle, unbranded packaging.


Feel empowered and confident when you choose Lovima as your method of birth control.