Did you know that Lovima is available at your local pharmacy too? If you don't want to purchase online, you can buy this contraceptive pill over the counter without needing a prescription. This means you’ll be able to access the contraception you need quickly and easily. 

Buying Lovima from a pharmacy is simple. Here’s how it works.


Visit your local pharmacy

Simply visit your local pharmacy which offers this service to speak to a qualified pharmacist. Ahead of your visit, you may find it useful to complete our Lovima checklist. This is a short six-question suitability test which will help the pharmacist determine if this mini pill is the right fit for you. It might be helpful to print off a copy or have it ready on your phone to take with you.


Complete your consultation

Your pharmacist will go through our checklist with you. This conversation will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about Lovima.


Gain access to your contraception

After speaking with the pharmacist to establish Lovima is suitable for you to use, you may be able buy this contraceptive pill over the counter without a prescription. Your pharmacist will be able to provide advice on how to take Lovima so that it works effectively.

Visit your local participating pharmacy to buy the Lovima contraceptive pill today. Lovima is available to buy at most major pharmacies including Boots, Lloyds, and Well Pharmacy.